Our Drivers

Our delivery team consists of well-trained drivers who are reliable, trustworthy and friendly, and boast a comprehensive knowledge of the area. They will deliver your gas as scheduled, and make sure the cylinders are placed where you want them to be. Our drivers are always happy to provide their expert advice on the best and safest site for cylinders, and are used to negotiating dangers which may be associated with the positioning and connection of cylinders at your particular location. Since your safety is paramount to us, hoses and connections are leak-tested with every delivery.

Rockgas Wanganui values your trust when allowing us onto your private property. We personally evaluate and train each member of our team to ensure a high-quality, safe and friendly delivery service!

Our Customer Care Team

Our Rockgas Wanganui customer care team is located in Wanganui, is familiar with your area, knows your needs, and is there to offer solutions and help you with any queries you may have! We are proud to be Wanganui-based and to offer excellent customer-service to our area. Because we value each of our customers as a member of our community, we do go the extra mile to guarantee your wishes are met in the best possible way.

We are committed to delivering the finest service, and friendly, supportive and personal help from our customer care team is only a phone call away.

Our Account Representatives

Signing up for an account with Rockgas Wanganui is a straightforward and pleasant process, which our fantastic local team of Account Representatives can lead you through. Our accounts team have their fingers on the pulse, allowing our systems to run without a hitch and providing our account holders with that personal touch that we’ve become so well known for. Alternatively, you have the option of easily signing up online here.