Why LPG?

From saving space and money, to changing the way you cook and warm your home, there are plenty of reasons to choose LPG.

Endless hot water

An instant gas hot water system is a great alternative to traditional electric or gas-fired cylinders. The big plus is that you’ll never run out of hot water. That’s because it’s heated as you use it. There are other advantages too. The heater can be mounted outside to save space, and your energy bill will reflect the fact that you only pay for the water you use, not a drop more.

A better way to cook

Whatever your signature dish, you’ll love creating it with the help of gas. Cooking over a gas flame gives you instant heat and precise temperature control. It’s the perfect way to cook.

Outdoor living made easy

In summer, there’s just no beating those magic nights on the patio or deck. It only gets better if you are sharing a meal cooked on a barbeque powered by gas. And when the sun finally disappears, why go inside? Just fire up the patio heater, brazier or outdoor fireplace and talk long into the night.

Fast, efficient home heating

Gas heated homes are warm and welcoming. Choose from an enormous selection of gas heating options, including thermostat – controlled central heating systems, stand-alone heaters and cosy gas flame fireplaces.