Gas for your business

Rockgas Wanganui is proud to offer our local businesses reliable and responsible gas services!

When it comes to LPG, we are there to help out with a variety of business needs, from dependable, high quality forklift gas supply to commercial heating, cooking requirements and showers for your team. We appreciate that every business is unique and are able to tailor-make plans to meet the individual needs of your business, while also ensuring Health & Safety and business insurance requirements are being met. We have you covered and while we take care of the important details, you can get on with the job!

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Forklift Cylinders

Our friendly and professional team can provide you with a reliable and efficient source of LPG for your forklift cylinder re-gassing or new cylinder provision. We highly value our best practice operations and always have an eye on Health & Safety requirements. We know your time is valuable, so we endeavour to offer a smooth and stress-free service and have commercial accounts available to make transactions as simple and efficient as possible.

Commercial Cooking and Heating

Our commercial service is reliable and you can rest assured your gas supply will remain consistent! Using large volumes of LPG in a commercial setting needs a high level of awareness. While you focus on your business, let the experts take care of your Health & Safety legislative requirements, as well as your compliance for business insurance purposes. Rockgas Wanganui is highly committed to provide our regional businesses with an excellent business gas service, by not only meeting your gas supply demands, but also ensuring transparent and easy to access commercial accounts.

Large Volume Supply

Whether you are a commercial or a non-commercial user, Rockgas Wanganui can provide you a continuous large-volume supply of LPG. Use and storage of high-volume LPG comes with its own particular requirements and legislative needs, which you will find our friendly and knowledgeable local team are happy to help you with. We offer advice on every aspect of high-end use from location test certificates through to compliance documentation for business insurance purposes. We’re dedicated and reliable, we’re local, but most of all we’re always happy to help.

Contact us today and talk to our friendly team to find out how we can help you with your business needs!