Gas for your home

We are proud to provide the highest quality LPG natural gas to keep your home warm, your water hot and your food cooking.

LPG is the cleanest burning, lowest emission fossil fuel, and our friendly and reliable team deliver it to your home on schedule. We endeavour to make sure your gas never runs out, but when it does, we’re only a phone call away and we can deliver in the Wanganui city area three times a week.

You can make a choice between three straightforward ways to manage your LPG supply, via our online ordering system, our user-friendly app, and our helpful on-call customer team! We are on standby to advise you with delivery, installation and maintenance options, ready to help you in any way we can.

Cooking with Gas

There are good reasons why most chefs prefer to cook with a gas cooktop! Not only do gas ranges respond instantaneously when ignited, they also provide very precise temperature control. See for yourself how cooking with gas offers superior results in every sense. Instant heat, better temperature control, even heat distribution, increased usability with varied cookware, and a cheaper energy source are several of the benefits of cooking with gas. Upgrading to a gas range can be done without remodelling your entire kitchen, because gas cooktops are relatively easy to install and can either be free-standing or built in.

Gas-heated Water

Similarly, using an instant gas hot water system has the benefit of providing instant hot water which won’t run out, because it is heated as you are using it. The equipment can be installed outside to save space and is a great alternative to traditional electric or gas-fired cylinders, offering an easy and efficient way to heat your home water supply. Not only will your water be heated instantly upon ignition, your hot water supply will increase as it is no longer constrained by the size of your cylinder, and your energy bill will decrease because you only pay for the water you use, not a drop more! Change to an instant gas hot water system and treat your family and yourself to the delights of warm showers that don’t suddenly run cold.

Gas Heating for your Home

Heating your home with gas is easy and hassle-free, and creates a warm and welcoming environment. While wood-fires may create a romantic atmosphere, this effect is counteracted by the long time it takes to heat a room – not to mention the effort required to maintain and fuel a wood fire! Electric heating may be a quick and straightforward alternative to heating your home, but it has the distinct disadvantage of being expensive, pushing your power bill through the roof. LPG home heating, however, has it all! Instant warmth, low power bills, and even living flame options, to provide that romantic touch. When switching to gas heating for your home, you can choose from a variety of options to tailor your needs, including portable gas heating, flued gas heating, gas fireplace and gas log fire heaters; with thermostat controls, instant ignition, remote controls and timers. Gas heating is a smart, efficient and cost-effective method to keep your home toasty warm!

Outdoor Living Made Easy

Evening meals cooked on the patio on a gas-powered barbeque are at the centre of any kiwi’s summer! With a patio heater, brazier or outdoor fireplace, you can keep on relaxing outside after sunset and enjoy that gorgeous evening summer air – no effort, no mess, no fuss.

Contact us today and talk to our friendly team to find out how we can create that welcoming glow in your home.