Your Rural Gas

Farmers across the world rely on LPG as a user-friendly, portable, clean and off-grid power source to stay competitive while committing to sustainable development.

Rockgas Wanganui is proud to provide its rural community with a reliable supply of the most affordable source of clean burning energy! Our team is familiar with your needs, we know the area like the back of our hand and we’re dedicated to supplying you with all your LPG requirements on-time, every time.

From forklift to crop drying: LPG for your rural business

Whether you’re after LPG to drive your forklift, dry your grain crops, heat your nursery, heat water for your milking or shearing sheds, or just to warm up your rural home, we understand the variety of LPG needs for rural use, and we make sure you get what you want. At Rockgas Wanganui, we are aware of the time-sensitive nature of many of your activities, such as rearing chicks in your poultry farms. This is why we are dedicated to offering reliable, continuous and efficient LPG supply to keep your rural business running smoothly at all times.

Remote access

We appreciate the challenges that come with LPG delivery to the remote parts of our Wanganui rural community – we’re also very aware of our unpredictable and often extreme weather! Our team at Rockgas Wanganui has the knowledge, the commitment and the drive to ensure safe and efficient delivery to all rural areas with remote access. We’ll go the extra mile – whether it’s raining cats and dogs or deep in snow – to make sure you have the gas you need to keep your rural business running. And that is why we are trusted by our rural community.

LPG cylinder sizes

To cover all the specific rural needs for LPG supply, Rockgas Wanganui supplies a wide range of LPG cylinder sizes, ranging from 9kg through to 45 kg cylinders. Our drivers are specially trained to ensure the highest safety standards and are here to help you deal with the specific requirements that come with the use and storage of high-volume LPG. Trust us, we know our business.

Contact us today and talk to our friendly team to find out how we can help you take the best care of your crops and animals!